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Sustainability at Bulk Infrastructure

How we work

We are dedicated to our vision - racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience - Peder Nærbø, Founder

Our story

Bulk develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains critical infrastructure that enable the present and future society. Building infrastructure in a sustainable manner was our founding purpose.

Infrastructure is vital for the economic growth of nations, for human welfare and also a backbone for enabling the green shift. We are on a mission to create paths towards a desirable future.

Peder Nærbø pulling the Havsil fibercable ashore in Kristiansand

Our sustainability framework

We define sustainability through an ESG-lens, covering environmental, social and governance factors. We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and undertake initiatives to promote responsible business conduct.

Bulk has developed a sustainability framework on how we work with sustainability that consists of the perspectives; Location, Asset, Ecosystem and Society.​

Although each of the focus points of our framework is individually defined, they are not mutually exclusive. This means that we place equal emphasis on all of them in our sustainability efforts.


Location is key to achieving sustainable solutions, and in Bulk the first we do is to zoom out to understand where our solution should be placed - how we see the world regarding sustainability.

Regions where renewable energy is available, such as the Nordic countries or Canada, provide locations that ensure a high level of sustainability from day one. These regions also offer a stable political environment, low climate risk and a well developed legal and organizational framework.


Zooming in on the asset we develop, build and operate the focus is on minimizing and optimizing the use of resources in connection to the asset. How can we scale positive impact and avoid negative impact?

This includes social requirements, as well as environmental objectives. Climate mitigation, energy optimalization, protection of nature, and material management are focus areas.​


Significant impact can only be achieved by defining ourselves as part of a larger system and cooperating with partners, customers, suppliers and employees to change the way we all operate.

How do we interact as a part of an interlinked symbiosis? An example of this is to be a part of circular industry clusters or heat reuse to heating of our local community.


Defining ourselves as part of a larger ecosystem also implies that we acknowledge the importance of social and governance factors.

We are keenly aware of our role as a company in adhering to positive social impact and good governance.

Examples of our achievements

The “Next Steps" - Problem solving

What is the problem we want to solve?

The challenges we are facing towards a sustainable future are many and complex. However, we should not let challenges discourage us from taking action.

In Bulk we address these challenges head on and use our creative power and passion to find viable solutions. We understand that solving these problems will take time, and also the risk of not succeeding, but even failing will move the world forward as we learn and use this experience to take steps in the right direction.

By measuring our success by the amount of innovation-experiments done per year we want to inspire to take action on bigger sustainability challenges. We invite others to help us solve these problems together, igniting innovation across companies.

Our key innovation projects

For more information on our different sustainability initiatives, check out our three business areas: