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Nordic Data Center Services

Comprehensive, integrated services at Bulk Nordic data center campuses

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For Every Step of the Journey

Access integrated data center services that enable you to maximize efficiency, sustainability and performance at your Bulk Nordic data center. Bulk operates three campuses across the region, home to Nordic businesses and multinational organizations leveraging the efficiencies of Nordic data centers. The Bulk in-house engineering and service teams are here to support you with everything you need.

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Optimize data center space for your cabinets, power balance, hot and cold aisle containment, structured cabling and other requirements. Leverage the expertise of Bulk technical design engineers.

- Torbjørn Olsen - Mechanical Engineer


Get expert logistical support when you need to install equipment or move existing infrastructure. Benefit from seamless, end-to-end deployment services from Bulk and our partners.

- Owais Bazaz - Project Manager

Build and Implement

Fit out your data center space. Collaborate with Bulk and our specialist partners to ensure your space meets all of your requirements.

- Hans Kristian Odland - Project Manager

Smooth Operations

Keep focus on your core business, optimizing and developing your IT and data, while we maintain the supporting infrastructure at our facilities. We provide sustainable and secure power, cooling, connectivity and security to support the clients value creation.

- Morten Drange - Site Manager N01


Bulk Smart Hands & Remote Hands Brochure Download
With Bulk’s Smart Hands 24/7 support, you can reduce liability issues and potential data breaches or mitigate any other sources of productivity obstructions. Bulk’s Remote Hands service can provide immediate or ongoing IT management delivered remotely or using your in-house IT expertise with our remote service and have Bulk’s experts perform more complex tasks.

To find out more about how Bulk can provide you with a best-in-class, expert response service for all of your on-site IT management, and all available 24/7 download the Smart Hands & Remote Hands brochure by completing the form below.

I am delighted to work with new and existing customers to help coordinate the seamless installation and implementation of projects and support services. Always maintaining the highest standards and levels of service.
Marianne Flemming
Business Benefits

Trusted Advisor

Bulk has designed and installed many multi-MW data centers, and operates critical facilities for multinational enterprises.

High Availability

Achieve 100% uptime with support from the Bulk on-site team, as well as our resilient power and campus infrastructure.

Full Infrastructure Visibility

Gain full visibility into every area of your infrastructure via your Bulk service portal. You can create custom reports, see real-time and historic data that helps you optimize operations, and monitor sustainability outcomes.

International Standards

Bulk Infrastructure holds multiple international standards and accreditations.


Public Exchange Points

Bulk's data centers host some of the Nordic's most connected Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) through partnerships with Netnod (Northern Europe's largest IXP) and other key Nordic exchanges, thereby cutting costs and ensuring the best latency, performance and resilience of the traffic exchange between our customers and their partner networks. Peering, more generally, provides our customers with direct connections between their network and their customers/partner networks thereby enabling direct exchange of traffic - in preference to indirect third-party IP transit providers.

Interconnected Networks

Bulk's data centers have an extensive eco-system of connectivity partners that our customers can directly connect to. Private Interconnection (PI) to over 50 network partners is possible within the data center asset base. All of our facilities are carrier neutral and are directly connected to each other, thereby enabling access from any facility to all network partners available within another. This rich ecosystem of partner networks includes Internet Exchanges, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and other national, regional and global carrier and Network Service Providers (NSPs).

Cloud Enablement / Interconnection

Bulk's partner networks enable dedicated, private and direct connections to all major Cloud Service Providers. These connections provide an ultra-secure path to said cloud networks thereby enabling our customers direct access to data, content and cloud services from their providers of choice. This accelerated access to CSP networks enables our customers to directly connect their colocation environments to applications hosted in the public, private or hybrid cloud environments of their choice.

Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Bulk's network partners also provide a secure, on-demand SDN access model connecting customer networks to major Cloud Service Providers, global data center operators and global network operator networks. This platform is based on a pay per use model and enables the rapid turn-up of connections between networks, all managed via a central, secure customer portal.