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Sustainable Industrial Real Estate

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There is great economic and environmental gains in being in the right place. Strategic locations for industrial properties can provide competitive advantages, as well as having sustainability benefits.

By placing our locations close to main transport routes and hubs, transportation time is made more efficient and time-saving.

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Bulk Industrial Real Estate specialize in standardised building processes and design modules, to ensure dependability and guarantee sustainable solutions.

Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of all our buildings through actions such as BREEAM-NOR certifications, energy efficient design, recycling rate of 90 %, and more!

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"Bulk Industrial Real Estate must be a long-term and predictable real estate player, also from an ESG perspective. That's why we call our property areas Bulk Park," Nina Hage, EVP Bulk Industrial Real Estate.

When we name our properties "parks", it means that we take into account the surrounding ecosystem - landscape, biological diversity and water purity.

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Our properties are part of social ecosystems as well, as sources for business development and employment opportunities. Bulk Industrial Real Estate wish to contribute to positive and longlasting societal prosperity in municipalities we are located in.

Our constructions sites are also required to meet all Health and Safety Regulations for our employees throughout construction.

The sustainable Bulk Module model with explanations

Immediate Action Initiatives 1.0 and 2.0 for small to large real estate developers

Bulk Industrial Real Estate has committed to the "Immediate Action Initiatives for small to large real estate developers". By committing to these action points we are increasing our sustainability efforts and the work that comes with it - such as environmental certifications, decreasing our energy usage and reuse of sustainable materials.

The "Immediate Action Initiatives" were developed by Norsk Eiendom and the Norwegian Green Building Alliance in 2016 to spur on a green transition within the real estate industry, and are a part of what they've authored as "The Real Estate Industry's roadmap towards 2050".

"At Bulk, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We were the first real estate developer in Norway to certify an industrial building with the BREEAM-NOR certification. All our project mangagers now have the qualifications of BREEAM-NOR AP. Bulk has clear environmental goals, and we will contribute to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly real estate industry," says Rune Bang, leader of projects at Bulk Industrial Real Estate.

Together towards a more sustainable real estate sector

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Bulk Industrial Real Estate is a member of the organisations Grønn Byggallianse (Norwegian Green Building Alliance) and Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri (Green Building Council Denmark).

By being part of these membership-organisations, we wish to contribute to making sustainable real estate development the standard for construction and real estate sectors.

These organisations are also the official managers of the environmental certifications BREEAM-NOR and DGNB which all our new builds over 5000 sqm are certified with. See our certified projects in Norway and Denmark:

BREEAM Projects in Norway