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Leif Erikson

Subsea system connecting

Canada with the Nordics

The Leif Erikson subsea system will interconnect the two renewable giants in the world, the Nordics and Atlantic Canada, in order to grow sustainable digital infrastructure driven by an abundance of renewable energy.

Peder Naerbo
Founder of Bulk Infrastructure

About Leif Erikson

The Leif Erikson system captures Bulks vision: “Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience” in one single project: interconnecting the global renewable energy giants, Norway and Canada, by a subsea cable system, in order to grow sustainable digital infrastructure fueled by an abundance of renewable energy. The system presents a short and truly diverse route avoiding the route similarities in other trans-Atlantic networks and will be the first trans-Atlantic system powered by 100% renewable energy!

The Leif Erikson system will have a societal impact on global scale, improving geopolitical resilience between Europe and North America, as well as improving connectivity for local communities and indigenous people along the terrestrial route in Canada.

The system will be built and operated by Bulk Fiber Networks and is expected to be ready for service in 2026.

“Leif Erikson” was a Norse explorer and the first European to reach the shores of North America, approximately 500 years before Colombus. His crossing of the Atlantic brought him from the southern part of Norway and to the shores of “Vinland”, today known as Newfoundland and Labrador - much similar to the Leif Erikson cable route chosen by Bulk.

System highlights

Expected Latency

RTD N01 Campus to Happy Valley – Goose bay: 46ms

RTD N01 Campus to Montreal: 65ms

End points

N01 Campus, Kristiansand, Norway

Montreal, Canada

Ready for Service

System in service 2H 2026


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