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Carrier neutral data centers

Carriers, ISPs and Cloud Providers

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Access a rich ecosystem of carrier services

With three carrier-neutral data centers located in the Nordics, Bulk Data Centers offers unrivalled, access to high-speed, secure and resilient connectivity via multiple major networks.

This means you'll have access to many carriers and providers. That leads to better connectivity, competitive pricing, and the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. You won't be locked into one carrier, and you can easily switch or upgrade services when necessary, without moving your infrastructure. It gives you more control and cost-effectiveness knowing your network options are in your hands

As well as having our own fiber network, we partner with local dark fiber providers to ensure optimal connectivity to the surrounding metro areas, and to the USA and Continental Europe - giving enterprises the best connectivity options when looking to relocate their data center out of their office space.

Connectivity solutions - connecting enterprises with the right carriers, Internet Exchanges and ISPs

Cross Connect & MMR

Cross Connect

With a Cross Connect at our facilities, businesses can connect to multiple vendors on site via one of our Meet-Me-Rooms (MMR). At OS-IX we have three diverse MMRs and at N01 and DK01 campuses we have two.

Fiber to the site

Fiber to the site

All three of our sites have multiple incoming fiber routes that provide the best possible diversity and redundancy.

  • DK01 has three separate routes and three Point of Entries
  • N01 campus has a total of seven separate routes to site
  • OS-IX offers five routes to site and three separate Point of Entries
Metro Connect

Metro Connect

Bulk partners with local fiber providers to provide local dark fiber connections to enterprises and Public Institutions, either as part of the colocation agreement or where the agreement is contracted directly with the fiber provider.

Internet Exchange

Internet Exhange/Peering

All of our sites are connected to at least one Internet Exchange (IX) to ensure local and remote peering opportunities.

  • DK01 is connected to DE-CIX Esbjerg
  • N01 is connected to DE-CIX Kristiansand
  • OS-IX has four IXPs - DE-CIX Oslo, NIX, FIXO and NetNod (Remote)
  • All sites offer direct access to Microsoft Azure Peering Service
Cloud connect

Cloud Connect

Bulk Data Centers has partnered with the world's largest Interconnection platform DE-CIX, giving our customers the ability to connect to more than 50 different cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, SAP, Oracle and many more.

Internet Access & Direct Transit

Internet transit and Direct access

Our sites house a broad range of Tier I Internet Transit and Direct Internet Access providers. We operate carrier and ISP neutral facilities and our role is to solely consult with our customers and match them with the best provider that meets their needs, whether it be local internet access or a Tier I provider.

“Our location at Bulk’s OS-IX data center helps us reduce latency by up to 16 milliseconds, according to i3D.net’s recent measurements. This is close to double the speed of alternative routes” Martijn Schmidt, Head of Network at i3D.net

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