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Subsea system linking the UK and Ireland with the Nordics

Havhingsten terminates at DK01 Data Center in Esbjerg, providing direct connectivity to major European and Nordic cities.


About Havhingsten

The Havhingsten system connects Esbjerg in Denmark to the UK via Newcastle. Esbjerg, with its strategic location, has become a natural connectivity hub and a gateway for the Nordic region as well as the Eastern and Continental Europe.

Esbjerg is Denmark’s energy transition metropolis and the worlds biggest off-shore wind port.

Bulk’s DK01 Campus in Esbjerg, has a new-built direct fiber route to N01 Campus in Kristiansand via the Havsil System and also to New Jersey in the US via the Havfrue System. Bulk also operate fiber from Blackpool to Dublin, which gives the possibility for a direct connection all the way to Dublin.

The Havhingsten system is a co-build with Meta and Aqua Comms.

The name “Havhingsten” refers to the second largest Viking longship ever to be found, which was reconstructed in Denmark based on the original vessel built in Ireland around the year 1042. Havhingsten directly translates to “Sea Stallion”.

System highlights


12 ms RTD between Dublin, Ireland and Esbjerg, Denmark

End points

Esbjerg, Denmark
Newcastle, UK
Dublin, Ireland

Ready for Service

System in service Q1 2022


We offer flexible IRU or long term lease agreements for managed or raw spectrum services.