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Express route from N01 campus Kristiansand to DK01, Esbjerg

The Havsil cable is the shortest route connecting Norway to continental Europe, improving diversity by avoiding the traditional fiber routes.


About Havsil

Havsil is the newest and the shortest subsea fiber connection between Norway and Denmark, creating long awaited diversity to legacy network. The Havsil system also consists of a 280 km terrestrial segment from the landing station in Hanstholm to our DK01 campus in Esbjerg. Great efforts were made in finding a unique route with diversity to other transport routes north/south in Denmark. The Havsil route runs along the west coast, avoiding densely populated areas and making it almost a straight line between Esbjerg and Kristiansand.

Havsil also forms part of Bulk Fiber Networks route connecting into OS-IX DC in Oslo, via N01 Campus DC in Kristiansand. The complete network from Oslo to Esbjerg is one of the shortest routes connecting to central Europe, with new fiber all the way and very good connectivity both to the UK, the US and Eastern Europe.

Havsil is a high fiber count unrepeated system with a capacity unchallenged by other subsea and terrestrial networks. It is also the first Subsea system built, operated and financed solely by Bulk Fiber Networks.

The name “Havsil” comes from a fish species that are referred to as “Sand lance” in English and lives in the waters where our subsea cable is laid. Like other subsea systems owned and operated by Bulk Fiber Networks, the name starts with “Hav” which means ocean in English.

System highlights


1,3 ms RTD between Kristiansand, Norway and Hanstholm, Denmark

End points

Kristiansand, Norway
Hanstholm, Denmark
Esbjerg, Denmark

Ready for Service

System in service Q1 2022


We offer flexible IRU or long term lease agreements for single or multiple Dark Fiber pairs.

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