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Bulk Wood

The Bulk Wood Module

Support structure made of wood

Our standard module design consists of steel-reinforced concrete flooring, steel structures and sandwich-panels. With Bulk Wood we replace the steel support structure with locally produced glulam (glued laminated timber).

  • Support structure in wood to reduce the building's carbon footprint.
  • Recycled with recycled steel and concrete reinforcement with a minimum low-carbon class B.
  • BREEAM-NOR certification with grade "Very Good" according to the 2022 certification updates.
  • A minimum goal of 20% greenhouse gas reduction through material supply chain.
  • A minimum goal of 90% sorting rate of construction waste.​​
  • Aim for the highest energy rating (dark green A according to the Norwegian energy grading system).
  • Increased insulation requirements for gates, doors and windows.
  • Goal of a fossil-free building site.​
Our parks are called Bulk Park for a reason. When we construct industrial parks we take into account topography and biodiversity.
Bulk Nina 2022

Modular Design. Tailored Solution. Also with Bulk Wood.

As with our standardized warehouse module, there are many ways we can customize your Bulk Wood module solution, so you can benefit from standardized efficiencies while meeting specialized requirements. The Bulk Wood warehousing module is standardized to optimize EuroPal pallet storage, pallet racking, and handling, with the option to add a mezzanine deck.

Bulk Module Warehouse Specification: