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Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Experienced market leader within the logistics property sector.

When you plan and construct an industrial building with Bulk, your project follows a smooth path to success. We help you identify potential sites, acquire the right permissions, and finance the project efficiently. Our in-house engineers work closely with you to produce a design that meets your unique requirements. And we provide effective leadership of the construction process up to handover and beyond. As your business grows and changes, Bulk can continue to support you to ensure your building fulfils its potential.

Bulk's Approach for Value Creation


We use our experience, industry know-how and passion for innovation to forge new paths towards positive change.

Patient, Risk-Tolerant Investment

We invest in capital-intensive industries and strive to access early stages of the value chain. Being hands-on from an early stage helps make Bulk highly competitive in fluctuating markets. We adapt rapidly to market changes.

Industrial Approach

Our industrial approach to investments prioritizes diversification, scalability and potential to deliver long-term, predictable revenues.

Active Ownership

Our internal team of experts from various disciplines make Bulk Infrastructure a hands-on partner our clients can trust.

Market Leadership

With in-house expertise, deep research, and full-scale penetration of niches early in the innovation cycle, Bulk has established itself as a Tier 1 player in the logistics property sector.


Our industrial real estate properties are compliant with Bulk Infrastructure's overarching Sustainability Framework, utilizing innovation to reduce our emissions footprint.

Completed projects per year

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Bulk Industrial Real Estate projects completed

Our reference projects

  • Bulk Park Gardemoen
    Bulk Park Gardemoen

    Bulk Park Gardemoen was one of our first industrial parks. It covers 200 acres, housing tenants: XXL Sport & Villmark, Home&Cottage and Ahlsell Norway AS.

  • Bulk Park Fugleåsen
    Bulk Park Fugleåsen

    Bulk Park Fugleåsen consists of 7 buildings of a total 80,000 sqm developed for different tenants. The park is regulated and developed with a cost efficient joint infrastructure grid in terms of district heating and sprinkler systems.

  • Örebro, Sweden
    Örebro, Sweden

    Örebro is the nation’s sixth largest city and one of its largest inland business hubs. Bulk has developed and built a 42,000 sqm facility in Örebro for retailer XXL Sport.

  • Bulk Park Lindeberg
    Bulk Park Lindeberg

    Bulk Park Lindeberg is one of our flagship locations. With a very central location at Lindeberg, Norway, this park is strategically placed for logistics and industrial services. The park will also be the home of our very first Bulk Wood-concept warehouse.

Our team

Bulk has established itself as a Tier 1 player in the logistics property sector. Our dedicated and experienced team provides outstanding project management throughout the entire property development process.

Nina Hage, CEO Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Nina Hage

Executive Vice President

+47 92656228
nina.hage at bulk.no

Vibeke Rasmussen, CFO Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Vibeke Rasmussen

Chief Financial Officer, IRE

vibeke.rasmussen at bulk.no

Dag Klem

Dag Klem

Vice President Sales

+47 969 02 957
dag.klem at bulk.no

Rune Bang, Head of Projects Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Rune Bang

Vice President Projects

rune.bang at bulk.no

Mads Bæk Pedersen, Head of BIRE Denmark

Mads Bæk Pedersen

Head of Bulk Industrial Real Estate Danmark

+45 538 42 331
mads.pedersen at bulk.no

Matz Ruud, Business Developer Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Matz Ruud

Business Developer

matz.ruud at bulk.no

Jørgen Langgård, Planning Director Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Jørgen Langgård

Planning Director

jorgen.langgard at bulk.no

Sandra Caffarena, Real Estate Manager Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Sandra Caffarena

Real Estate Manager

sandra.caffarena at bulk.no

Espen Tønsberg, Project Manager Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Espen Tønsberg

Project Manager

Christoffer Ring-Larsen, Project Manager Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Christoffer Ring-Larsen

Project Manager

Torgeir Steen, Project Manager Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Torgeir Steen

Project Manager

Claus Dollerup Nielsen, Project Manager Bulk Industrial Real Estate DK

Claus Dollerup Nielsen

Project Manager, BIRE Danmark

Ronny Stenberg, Technical Manager Bulk Industrial Real Estate

Ronny Stenberg

Technical Manager

+47 97506675

Rikke Rosenberg

Rikke Rosenberg

Business Controller