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Inter-city Ring

Connecting Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen

The Inter-City Ring terrestrial fiber system connects four of Norway’s largest cities: Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger, and Bergen. 


About the Inter-City Ring

The Bulk Inter-City Ring (ICR) is the newest fiber infrastructure connecting the major cities in the southern part of Norway: Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen.

The system is built in partnership with Bane Nor, the Norwegian railway company, and Bulk holds multiple fiber pairs, well protected in ducts laid in concrete culverts along the railway. The digital distances between the end points are unmatched.

The ICR connects to Bulk OS-IX DC in Oslo and Bulk N01 Campus DC in Kristiansand and brings the southern part of Norway closer to the rest of the world.

The ICR connects directly to Bulk systems Havfrue and Havsil in N01 Campus, Kristiansand.

System highlights


3,8 ms RTD between Oslo and Kristiansand
2,6 ms RTD between Kristiansand and Stavanger
2,1 ms RTD between Stavanger and Bergen
4,9 ms RTD between Bergen and Oslo

End points

Oslo Internet Exchange, Norway
N01 Campus, Kristiansand, Norway
Stavanger, Norway
Bergen, Norway

Ready for Service

System in service 2019


We offer flexible IRU or long term lease agreements for single or multiple dark fiber pairs, as well as telehousing for in-line amplification.