HPC-Ready Infrastructure

Read how a UK based Quant Hedge Fund capitalizes on Norway's low cost energy prices and Bulk's sustainable data center solutions to triple their HPC cluster.

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HPC-Ready Infrastructure

Increase efficiency and sustainability of high-density data center infrastructure and HPC workloads.

Many kinds of organizations are today using high performance computing and high-density infrastructure to run workloads ranging from artificial intelligence to analysis of large datasets. Innovators using HPC include scientific researchers, engineering teams, universities, and others - and their workloads are growing quickly. So their challenge is how to increase capacity and minimize latency, without letting costs spiral out of control. Bulk offers modern HPC-ready facilities, powered by low-cost renewable Nordic energy. We can help you solve your challenges.

The Energy to Accelerate Value

The Nordic region, Norway and in particular the area of Southern Norway where we have our Norway Data Center Campus is home to Europe's lowest energy costs. This enables Bulk HPC-ready data center solutions to deliver significant reductions in total cost of ownership compared to our competition. And it enables you to invest more in high performance servers, while spending less on power and cooling, so you can create high performance computing insights sooner.

As a Nordic data center and fiber network specialist, Bulk solutions help you reduce operational and administrative expenses across the board. With Bulk, you can maximize efficiency of data-intensive workloads.

Performance, Flexibility and Efficiency

  • High Density. Low Latency.
    High Density. Low Latency.

    Safely run up to 100kW of equipment per rack. Bulk offers air cooling and direct-liquid cooling. You can also directly connect to high-capacity, international fiber networks.

  • For All HPC Teams
    For All HPC Teams

    Scale massively, with capacity for up to 1GW of IT power. In a dedicated building, suite or shared colocation environment.

  • Minimize Costs
    Minimize Costs

    Bulk solutions offer energy costs significantly lower than European alternatives. It’s thanks to the Nordics’ cool climate and grid-scale backup power. Maximize operational efficiency with Bulk.

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