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Your journey to 24/7 power matching

Using renewable power round the clock

A growing number of companies are focused on decarbonising their footprint. A critical component in this effort is ensuring that the electricity they procure and consume originates from clean and renewable energy sources.

The challenge however for most businesses is certifying the true carbon free nature of consumed electricity all year round.

Why? Because existing systems look at the amount of consumed electricity by a company without taking into account the time and place of the consumption.

In partnership with Becour and local hydro power station, Bingfoss, Bulk Data Centers is enabling the move from buying renewable energy to match annual consumption, to matching consumption every hour of every day. Giving customers at our OS-IX data center facility in Oslo a new level of transparency – 24/7 hourly matching of consumption and production of hydro power.

Renewable Power Matching is aimed at customers with the highest standards and the most transparent reporting policies with respect to sustainability. It represents a new level of transparency where the customers can be certain of the electricity's origin, says Tor Ribland, Vice President Operations at Bulk Data Centers.
Tor Ribland Vice President Operations Bulk Data Centers

A new level of transparency for our customers

Better tracking

With better tracking and accurate period matching, companies can document their sourcing practices and climate impact with even higher credibility

Reduces the risk of greenwashing claims


Solution provides full transparency for reporting purposes to meeting ESG targets and avoid fossil fuels

Businesses can translate sourcing of renewable energy into climate impact

Verifiable audit trail when companies are undergoing review of their data and metrics for annual reporting


24/7 tracking makes it possible for companies to completely avoid fossil fuel and make their claims to use renewable electricity stronger and more credible

Full visibility/customers can see what energy is consumed in near real time

Grid decarbonization

Provides companies with a more direct connection between energy that is being sourced and consumed (currently a gap when calculated annually)

Our customers can guarantee that their workloads are run on 100% renewable energy every hour, every day - at our OS-IX data centre