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Oslo Internet Exchange - OS-IX

Norway's best-connective data center facility, powered by 100% renewable energy

Connecting Norway enterprise, cloud and international markets.

Accelerate your business at a highly scalable, ideally located, Tier III data center facility. With scalable and dependable capacity, access to more than 60 different networks, as well as leading national and Nordic IX providers and Tier 1 carriers. Oslo Internet Exchange is the best way to connect with the Norwegian and Nordic markets.

  1. Bulk's OS-IX Campus Bulk's OS-IX Campus
  2. Bulk's DK01 Campus Bulk's DK01 Campus
  3. Bulk's N01 Campus Bulk's N01 Campus
  4. Peder Nærbø presents the Havfrue Cable Peder Nærbø presents the Havfrue Cable
Campus Highlights

More Routes to Business

At OS-IX, 60+ networks meet for peering and traffic exchange. Local Internet exchanges, including NIX, FIXO and NetNod Onnet, make it is easy to connect and scale within the Norwegian market.

Optimal Location

Locate your data center at Norway’s largest Internet traffic gateway. OS-IX is 7km from Oslo City Center and 30km from Oslo international Airport.

Dependable, Renewable Power

Meet big energy needs and keep scaling, with 14.4MW of 2N redundant renewable power. You can protect business continuity while operating a more sustainable facility.

Solve Complex Challenges

OS-IX is a Tier III-rated (EN50600 Class 3) facility that can meet your performance, sustainability, scalability and ease of management goals. Start small with a single rack, and scale up to a 2MW private data center.


OS-IX offers shared or dedicated white space across multiple floors with fully redundant power and fiber in a flexible, secure and highly connected facility.

  • High availability with Dedicated Suites or Infrastructure
  • High Density including water cooled racks
  • Highly Secure
  • Carrier Hotel

Customer Testimonials

Intility selects Bulk Data Centers to support redesign of core data center platform

We need to be thorough when we choose partners because we make the choice on behalf of hundreds of customers. We look in particular at security, but also sustainability, connectivity, compliance and certifications. Bulk was a natural choice.

Genesis Cloud selects Bulk Data Centers to host its expanding cloud platform

Partnering with Bulk allows us to scale-out our capacities in Norway while staying true to our mission. Our customers will continue to get the most performance per dollar with even lower latencies towards Europe without sacrificing their commitment to the use of green energy.

Power and reliability for an AI/ML-powered fintech enterprise

When we set out to look for additional data center space to build our new HPC research cluster, we set ourselves two goals. Sustainability is really important to us and so first and foremost we needed to find a renewable source of energy. Secondly, we had to ensure that the solution was cost effective, especially given the scale.


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