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Bulk doubles IT capacity at Oslo data center the Oslo Internet Exchange

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Bulk Infrastructure (Bulk) has initiated the expansion of the Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX), Norway’s best-connected data center, with three new data halls. Bulk is expanding capacity to meet increased demand for sustainable data center services for public and private customers, with part of the expansion already contracted. 

“We have designed the expansion of OS-IX with high-density workloads in mind, to be ready for both AI and HPC requirements, as well as more traditional data center services. Both AI, HPC and traditional customers will benefit from OS-IX being in Norway’s most connected data center, with a high number of global network operators present to help our customers execute their business,” said Rob Elder, Chief Commercial Officer at Bulk.  

The OS-IX expansion includes three new data halls with a total of 5.5MW capacity, meeting demand both from existing customers in need of increased capacity, and new customers. This will double the capacity from the current 5MW and OS-IX will be the largest data center in the Oslo metropolitan area. 

Supporting a data-driven future 

Construction of all three halls has started, with the new capacity will be ready-for-service in the first quarter of 2025. Part of the expansion has already been sold to customers. 

After completing the ongoing expansion, OS-IX still has access to additional power and space to cater for further growth.

“We now have the capacity to support customers grow their new and existing platforms. OS-IX provides a unique combination of high-density capacity in a metropolitan location,” said Elder.

 In addition, customers at OS-IX are provided predictable and low energy costs through a long-term fixed-price energy supply agreement entered by Bulk and the regional energy supplier. Customers have already saved significant amounts through this agreement. 

Earlier this year, Bulk also announced a significant expansion of its N01 Campus, outside of Kristiansand, South Norway. The ongoing expansion plans further strengthens Bulk’s position as a preferred provider of data center services in the Nordic region.




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About Bulk Infrastructure 

Bulk Infrastructure is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. The company is an industrial investor, developer and operator of data centers and dark fiber networks. Bulk believes in the value creation opportunity of enabling our digital society to be fully sustainable. Hence the company`s vision: Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.