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HPC Data Centers & Generative AI Infrastructure

Scale massively, with capacity up to 1GW of IT power

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Bulk Data Centers offers modern Generative AI and HPC-ready facilities, powered by low-cost renewable Nordic energy

In the last five years, the demand for High-Performance Computing (HPC) has surged across various sectors, supporting diverse workloads from AI to extensive dataset analysis.

Amid global constraints on land and power, we provide a comprehensive solution that allows customers to scale rapidly in a cost-effective, sustainable way. Our optimized data centers utilize ultra-high density cooling and Rear Door Heat Exchangers, enabling higher operating temperatures. This significantly reduces cooling costs and water consumption.

As a result, our AI and HPC ready data centers run more efficiently, minimizing Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and help you meet your sustainability goals. This reduces the total cost of ownership compared to metropolitan areas in Europe and the US, enabling you to invest more in high-performance servers while spending less on power and cooling.

Why choose Bulk for your AI and HPC data center needs?

For all Generative AI and HPC needs

Scale massively, with capacity for up to 1GW of IT power. In a dedicated building, suite or shared colocation environments.

High-Density Compute

Easily operate up to 100kW of equipment per rack with both air cooling and direct-liquid cooling options.

Minimize costs

Bulk solutions offer energy costs significantly lower than European alternatives. It’s thanks to the Nordics’ cool climate and grid-scale backup power.

Quick Deployment

Readily available power and standardised data center designs and infrastructure streamlines implementation processes.

Nvidia Preferred Partner

Our NVIDIA DGX-Ready facilities are tailored to the needs of AI and HPC clients. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, and sustainable, with a guaranteed 100% uptime for your operations.


New 42MW facility currently under construction

Dedicated colocation facility designed to support high-density GPU and CPU infrastructure. DCM102 is part of the world’s largest 100% green energy-powered data center campus.

  • Ultra scalable to suit future growth
  • Technology agnostic but future proof with ability to deploy high-density
  • Total white space - 4,100m²
  • Total IT capacity - 42MW
  • IT capacity per hall - 10.5MW
  • 100kW+ per rack
  • Low energy costs and high efficiency cooling system (air cooling and direct liquid cooling)
  • Secure solutions with dedicated white space or cages with security measures to suit

Read what our customers have to say

A US Global Investment Manager Relocates to Bulk in under 10 Weeks

The company was constrained by existing data center site in New York and London as a result of their increasing requirements for high density GPU and CPU-based hardware. The ability to scale up operations to meet this growing demands played an important role in why Bulk's N01 Campus was chosen.

Genesis Cloud selects Bulk Data Centers to host its expanding cloud platform

Partnering with Bulk allows us to scale-out our capacities in Norway while staying true to our mission. Our customers will continue to get the most performance per dollar with even lower latencies towards Europe without sacrificing their commitment to the use of green energy.

Power and reliability for an AI/ML-powered fintech enterprise.

When we set out to look for additional data center space to build our new HPC research cluster, we set ourselves two goals. Sustainability is really important to us and so first and foremost we needed to find a renewable source of energy. Secondly, we had to ensure that the solution was cost effective, especially given the scale.

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