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Bulk accelerates Taiga Cloud’s NVIDIA H100 GPU rollout

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Northern Data Group division, Taiga Cloud, continues rollout of NVIDIA H100 GPUs. The partnership with Bulk Data Centers accelerates Taiga Cloud’s NVIDIA H100 GPU rollout in 2024 to meet the exploding demand for Generative AI compute power.

Northern Data Group’s division Taiga Cloud, Europe’s first and largest Generative AI cloud service provider (CSP), has accelerated its rollout of NVIDIA H100 GPUs in Q1 2024 through its partnership with Bulk Data Centers. The partnership provides Taiga Cloud with additional access to 100% hydro-powered data centers, with Bulk housing 2 of Taiga Cloud’s islands of NVIDIA H100 GPUs and customer availability starting from Q1 2024.

“We’re delighted that Taiga Cloud has chosen Bulk to house its islands of NVIDIA H100 GPUs at our N01 Data Center Campus. We are seeing a rapid and significant change in our industry, and it’s reassuring to see our strategy align with Taiga Cloud’s goals, enabling a market-leading solution. Our facilities are specifically designed to cater for high-density workloads and connect directly into high-capacity international fiber networks. By working closely together we are helping Taiga Cloud meet the surging demand for Generative AI applications,” says Rob Chief Commercial Officer, Bulk Data Centers.

Improving access to Generative AI compute power across Europe

The partnership with Bulk provides additional capacity to Northern Data Group’s existing portfolio of data centers, speeding up deployment and accelerating Taiga Cloud’s ability to meet the surging demand for compute power for Generative AI applications, enabling immediate customer access.

Bulk’s hydro-powered data centers offer resilient, low-cost and 100% renewable energy, enabling organizations to operate sustainably while minimizing costs. Bulk’s solutions have been tailored to Taiga Cloud’s specific requirements.

“We’re excited to be accelerating the rollout of our highly sought-after NVIDIA H100 GPUs in 2024, through our partnership with Bulk. Bulk share our values and ambition to democratize access to Generative AI compute power across Europe while operating sustainably. Going forward, Taiga Cloud’s main objective is to continue deploying these H100 GPUs at pace,” says Karl Havard, Managing Director, Taiga Cloud, a Northern Data Group division commented.

Taiga Cloud’s initial rollout of NVIDIA H100 GPUs commenced in December 2023, making Taiga Cloud the first cloud service provider in Europe to provide instant access to a clean, secure, and compliant NVIDIA H100 GPU network. These GPUs were deployed in a state-of-the-art next-generation data center site owned by Northern Data Group’s data center division Ardent Data Centers.

Across 2024, Taiga Cloud will continue its rollout of over 18,000 H100 GPUs, establishing Europe’s first and largest dedicated Generative AI Cloud CSP. In total, Taiga Cloud will provide access to over 24,500 NVIDIA H100, A100 and RTX A6000 GPUs, offering substantial compute power to the market.

Concurrently, Northern Data Group is also undertaking a strategically planned expansion within its portfolios to offer more infrastructure for future NVIDIA H100 deployments. This will start with the upcoming expansion for the H100 GPUs in Northern Data Group’s Norway location.

Note: Photo curtesy of Northern Data - deployment of H100 GPUs in Bulk's DCM101 data center, in N01 Campus, Kristiansand.


About Northern Data Group:

Northern Data Group (ETR: NB2) is a leading provider of High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure solutions to businesses and research institutions, utilizing GPU and ASIC-based solutions. Our flexible compute power fuels innovation in our three core business divisions: Taiga Cloud, Ardent Data Centers, and Peak Mining. Through our HPC infrastructure, we pioneer ambitious computing innovation that drives progress in the AI, ML, and Generative AI industries. Our partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers including Gigabyte, AMD, and NVIDIA are fundamental to the acceleration of innovation across sectors including life sciences, financial services, and energy.

About Taiga Cloud:

Taiga Cloud is a division of Northern Data Group and Europe’s first and largest Generative AI cloud service provider. We provide a flexible, secure and compliant cloud-based ultra-fast GPU Network, powered by the latest generation of NVIDIA hardware to meet organizations’ most ambitious compute needs. High-intensity large-scale processing power is crucial for accelerating Generative AI models and research which will deliver a new era of technological breakthroughs. Taiga’s energy-efficient Cloud is powered by Europe’s largest cluster of NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core and H100 Tensor Core GPUs, helping enable organizations to accelerate AI and ML innovation on demand, with technology that is fully scalable and up and running within an hour.

About Bulk Data Centers:

Bulk Data Centers delivers ultra-flexible, highly connected, and massively scalable data center and colocation solutions backed by personalized service. Bulk operates sustainably, using renewable energy and has locations in Norway and Denmark. Bulk Data Centers is part of Bulk Infrastructure Group AS as one of three business areas, where the other two areas are Industrial Real Estate and Fiber Networks. Bulk’s overall vision is racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience. The company is headquartered in Oslo and has employees in Oslo, Kristiansand, Copenhagen and London.