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A US Global Investment Manager Relocates to Bulk in under 10 Weeks

The New York-based company saw the advantages of housing their high-density workloads at the N01 Campus in Kristiansand.

Bulk Data Centers completed the project in under 10 weeks, exceeding the customer's expectations with its unique customer-based approach.

Other Key Requirements

  • Power Density

The company was constrained by their existing data center site in NY and London as a result of their increasing requirements for high density GPU and CPU-based hardware. The ability to scale up their operations to meet this growing demands played an important role in why they relocated to our N01 Campus.

  • Global Connectivity

N01 Campus' impressive connectivity credentials thanks to the extensive fiber network infrastructure, including the Bulk-owned Havfrue and Havhingsten cables (linking to the US, UK and Ireland) as well the increasing number of carriers at the site, was another reason why they chose to locate with us.

  • Low TCO

A key priority for the company, given the scale, was cost. Our N01 Campus has access to up to 1GW of renewable power drawn directly from Europe's largest renewable energy substation - this ensures power resilience and typically low power prices compared to traditional European markets.