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Bulk Data Centers: Compute power for the GenAI revolution

As Generative AI projects arise, Bulk Data Centers commits to providing sustainable compute power to deliver for the latest technology developers.

In an era where technology evolves at a breakneck pace, Bulk Data Centers, a subsidiary of the Norwegian Bulk Infrastructure Group, is a pioneering force – notably in the development of sustainable data centres to support large IT loads, such as the load required by generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). Since 2006, Bulk has delivered the digital infrastructure required for the rapid adoption of more intelligent systems, which ultimately produce an abundance of data for information business growth. Rob Elder, Chief Commercial Officer at Bulk, shares his insights into the company’s strategies, challenges, and partnerships, particularly highlighting its collaboration with Taiga Cloud, which is a long-term partnership generating opportunities for next-level technology.

Bulk specialises in industrial real estate, fiber networks, and data centre services, navigating the complex, evolving IT equipment and unpredictable customer technology configurations. “The biggest challenge is speed and a lack of final understanding of the customer’s technology,” says Elder. Addressing these challenges, Bulk invests in standardising data centre designs and infrastructure, aiming to anticipate customer needs and streamline implementation processes.

This proactive approach is essential in accommodating GenAI and high-performance computing (HPC). Elder emphasises Bulk’s reliance on industry conversations, customer dialogues, and insights from manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This combination of experience and flexibility allows Bulk to pivot towards emerging needs, ensuring their data centres remain relevant and cutting-edge.

One of Bulk’s significant strategies includes building for the future while considering the constant technological evolution. Elder remarks, “We build for a minimum of 15 years. The investment in data centres is significant, and future-proofing the real estate and infrastructure is essential.”

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This foresight is evident in Bulk’s commitment to accommodating future technology shifts, like the increasing density of IT equipment and the likely transition to more liquid cooling methods. Sustainability is another cornerstone of Bulk’s philosophy, especially evident in its choice of Norway as a data centre hub. Elder explains:

"In Europe, established data centre markets are quite constrained. Norway offers access to 100% renewable energy, significantly reducing potential carbon emissions."

This focus on environmental responsibility aligns with the growing demand for sustainable data solutions.

The partnership with Taiga Cloud exemplifies Bulk’s collaborative and forward-thinking approach. Elder describes this relationship as centred on transparency and collaboration, aimed at meeting ambitious timeframes and technology requirements. “Our strategy is about being open, transparent, and collaborative,” he asserts. Through this partnership, Bulk and Taiga Cloud address sustainability objectives, optimise systems for efficiency, and plan for future scalability. Elder’s insights reveal a company deeply attuned to the rapid pace of technological change, but with scale and long-term growth in mind. This brings together large land and power infrastructure combined with high-capacity international fiber networks, and a connectivity ecosystem that further unlocks the potential for companies like Taiga to attract customers and grow. Bulk Data Centers emerges as a provider of data solutions, but also a strategic partner in navigating the complex landscape of modern computing and AI now and into the future.

The partnership with Taiga Cloud underscores Bulk’s capability to meet evolving demands while upholding sustainability and operational efficiency. This approach positions Bulk at the forefront of the data centre industry, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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