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UK Hedge Fund choses Bulk Data Centers for it's HPC requirements

UK Quant Hedge Fund capitalises on Norway for data center expansion cost and sustainability

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The Challenge
A UK-based Quant Hedge Fund needed to expand beyond their two connected data centers in London because of their rapidly increasing data requirements. The company were generating huge amounts of data from their AI quantum analysis which required high performance applications and high density computing. The new HPC cluster triples the compute capacity of its existing facilities in London.

Our Solution
With the latest AI server architecture, the density required pushing the power to well over 30kW per rack. Additionally, they needed the very latest cooling systems which was something we could also offer. Norway hadn't even been a consideration for the location of their data so in close consultation with our extensive network of established partners we built a roadmap to help them plan and execute the project in order to meet their aggressive timelines. Furthermore, we were able to reduce their costs by acting as a recorder of import when managing and receiving their equipment. Finally, we were able to help them meet their sustainability goals at our N01 campus with its plentiful supply of carbon-free renewable energy.

The Outcome
We were able to provide solutions to the various challenges we faced by listening to our customer’s requirements, providing options in an open and transparent way and making the process extremely smooth for them at every stage. Furthermore, we were able to overcome the additional challenges faced by the Covid-19 restrictions at the time

“In the end we chose Bulk as we had found them to be very engaging throughout and really understood our two main goals. Bulk was most aligned with these and worked hard to make their solution the most attractive overall, considering both sustainability and the total cost of operation.”