Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation visits Bulk's N01 Data Center Campus in Norway

On Friday 27th August, Linda Hofstad Helleland, Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation, visited Bulk's N01 Campus in Kristiansand, one of the worlds largest, scalable data center campuses using 100% renewable energy. The only green data center in Norway certified NVIDIA DGX-Ready and OCP Ready.

"There are many varied benefits! Data-driven value creation through the use of artificial intelligence and big data analysis, will be able to double our GDP growth by 2030, and good digital infrastructure and a secure data center are important prerequisites for success", said Helleland.

During her visit, Helleland stated that "we have a fantastic starting point in Norway with good and secure access to renewable energy, solid digital infrastructure, highly competent workforce, and stable framework conditions. But the competition is global and we must always strive to do better. (...) Therefore we are now updating the national data center strategy - just three years after we first launched it. Developments take place swiftly in the digital economy. I want to work for the Norwegian data center industry to create new jobs in a future-oriented and not least sustainable industry, said the Minister on her visit.

Minister Helleland visited N01 Campus

Bulk's Founder and COB, Peder Nærbø, Minister of Regional Development and Digitalisation Linda Hofstad Helleland and Bulk's CEO, Jon Gravråk: "We have to work to get more data centers to Norway".

Peder Nærbø continued "Norway shall be a country that takes the lead in the development of a sustainable and circular economy that uses the resources in a better way. There is a great potential for increased utilization of waste heat from data centers in the future. And we have already seen good examples of how Norwegian data centers can support value creation in other industries. By facilitating efficient used waste heat from data centers, we can get closer to the goal of a sustainable and data-driven economy that utilizes regional expertise and creates future-oriented jobs".

N01 is a success

Jon Gravråk, the CEO of Bulk, added - "We have local, national and international customers and the data halls are being filled up. N01 Campus has become a hub for a number of international fiber cable connections. Most recently, in collaboration with the National Communications Authority, we have been working on the Subsea Cable Project "Havsil", the connection between Norway and Denmark" says Gravråk. "And in the last six years since Bulk started building N01 Campus, approximately 30 full-time employees per year have been engaged in the construction in addition to the 15 full-time employees who already work on-site on the operations side. And to top it off, there are hundreds of kilometers of infrastructure ready in the ground here at N01 Campus. In conclusion, it is with great pleasure that I declare N01 a success as an international data center location!"

This visit was an opportunity to promote Norway's latest Data Center Strategy which was release earlier this month, which focuses on measures to contribute to increase growth in the data center industry while at the same time facilitating sustainable development. You can read this document in Norwegian here.