Cross-Dock Solutions

Industry-leading facility design and construction to address even the most complex supply chain management challenges.

Dock Around the Clock

Cross docking operations are among the most heavily-used facilities in the logistics industry. Every square meter of flooring is under constant pressure, every dock leveler in continuous operation. Bulk understands that the reliability of each individual component is mission critical – because if the cross-dock comes to a standstill, so does your business. It’s why our engineering team created Bulk Cross-Dock, a proven facility design and specification that we believe sets a new standard for the logistics industry.

A New Scandinavian Benchmark

Bulk Cross-Dock defines a proven-durable standard for warehouse flooring, steel frame and property infrastructure. Our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs. They are ready for anything: 40 meters wide and with a terminal at least 6.2m high. Steel-reinforced flooring means you can easily handle 35 kN/m2. Bulk Cross-Dock improves pallet-handling efficiency, supply chain management, and overall business performance.

Bulk Module Cross Dock Specification

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Smarter Office Space

The office is an increasingly critical component of industrial and logistics facilities. Bulk cross docking solutions can feature intelligently designed offices, which consider your specific usage needs and provide a high-quality working environment. Bulk offices are space-efficient, robust, and adaptable to business and operational changes.

More Than a Customer

The cross docking projects Bulk develops and delivers mean a lot to our customers, and a lot to us. We work in close collaboration with our customers, bringing our experience, expertise and innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals. It’s our aim to develop partnerships that give you consistently excellent service and create long-term value.

Advanced Green Features

Bulk Cross-Dock is designed to use energy, land and resources as efficiently as possible. Efficiency improves when supply chain management facilities operate at scale, and when we collaborate closely with our customers, suppliers, local communities and the government. We believe in challenging conventional thinking and facing difficult questions, so that we can help infrastructure become more sustainable around the world. Bulk solutions help our customers advance their sustainability goals too.

  • Energy efficient design
  • LED lighting
  • Heat, materials and waste recycling
  • District heating/local wood chip boilers/ optional ground or air source heat pumps
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Solar panels (optional)
  • Building certification e.g. BREEAM-NOR (optional)

To find out how Bulk can help you solve your Infrastructure, Real Estate or Sustainability challenges please contact us.

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