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Bulk Data Center Locations OCP Ready Certified

Discover our OCP Ready Certified locations

  1. Bulk's N01 Campus Bulk's N01 Campus
  2. Bulk's DK01 Campus Bulk's DK01 Campus
  3. Bulk's OS-IX Campus Bulk's OS-IX Campus
  4. Peder Nærbø presents the Havfrue Cable Peder Nærbø presents the Havfrue Cable
Economically, Norway has a sophisticated and stable free market with vast natural resources, efficient business culture and low levels of corruption.

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Bulk Infrasturcture designs, builds, and operates sustainable data centers - unlocking the huge benefits of the Nordics.
Performance, Flexibility and Efficiency

High Density. Low Latency.
High Density. Low Latency.

Safely run up to 100kW of equipment per rack. Bulk offers air cooling and direct-liquid cooling. You can also directly connect to high-capacity, international fiber networks.

For All HPC Teams
For All HPC Teams

Scale massively, with capacity for up to 1GW of IT power. In a dedicated building, suite or shared colocation environment.

Minimize Costs
Minimize Costs

Bulk solutions offer energy costs significantly lower than European alternatives. It’s thanks to the Nordics’ cool climate and grid-scale backup power. Maximize operational efficiency with Bulk.


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