Bulk's OCP Ready Facilities

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Discover our OCP Ready Certified locations

  1. Bulk's N01 Campus Bulk's N01 Campus
  2. Bulk's DK01 Campus Bulk's DK01 Campus
  3. Bulk's OS-IX Campus Bulk's OS-IX Campus
  4. Peder Nærbø presents the Havfrue Cable Peder Nærbø presents the Havfrue Cable
Economically, Norway has a sophisticated and stable free market with vast natural resources, efficient business culture and low levels of corruption.

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Bulk Infrasturcture designs, builds, and operates sustainable data centers - unlocking the huge benefits of the Nordics.

Performance, Flexibility and Efficiency

  • High Density. Low Latency.
    High Density. Low Latency.

    Safely run up to 100kW of equipment per rack. Bulk offers air cooling and direct-liquid cooling. You can also directly connect to high-capacity, international fiber networks.

  • For All HPC Teams
    For All HPC Teams

    Scale massively, with capacity for up to 1GW of IT power. In a dedicated building, suite or shared colocation environment.

  • Minimize Costs
    Minimize Costs

    Bulk solutions offer energy costs significantly lower than European alternatives. It’s thanks to the Nordics’ cool climate and grid-scale backup power. Maximize operational efficiency with Bulk.