Telenor Maritime goes live at Bulk's N01 Data Center Campus

Telenor Maritime has chosen Bulks Data Center, N01 Campus, as their location for Colocation Data Center services. Telenor Maritime is leading the evolution of secure connectivity at sea, and its fullfledged, end-to-end connectivity portfolio caters to all maritime mobile communication needs, supporting current mobile technologies and devices. The company is part of Telenor ASA, one of the world's major mobile operators.

Lars Erik Lunøe is CEO of Telenor Maritime

- For us, N01 Campus was a natural choice. Telenor Maritime has been looking for a Colocation data center in the Agder region (southern part of Norway) with direct fiber routes across the Atlantic Ocean and with the largest internet service providers in place. In addition, we required a high level of security, ISO certifications (such as ISO 22301 and 27001) and redundancy on all elements of the data center, says CEO Lars-Erik Lunøe at Telenor Maritime.

Telenor Maritime, owned by Telenor Group, is the only operator at sea with a fully managed service, offering all mobile access technologies such as 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and VSAT for ships and offshore platforms. With the goal of empowering the digital worker, Telenor Maritime is the only supplier that offers a digital platform with high-speed internet and 4G in the same ecosystem. - As part of the new landing point at NJFX's carrier-neutral campus, Telenor Maritime will access Bulks new Havfrue subsea cable with direct connections from the U.S east coast to the Bulk Infrastructure campus in Norway, N01, which hosts our new core site. We are well on our way to unlocking the Nordics vast amount of renewable energy sources, enabling new capabilities for our clients globally, says Lunøe.

N01 Campus is in the southmost part of Norway, near the city of Kristiansand with an international airport, seaport and rail port. The Campus has dark fiber routes to continental Europe, the UK and the US. The N01 Campus is situated next to a 3,6 GW substation with 12 independent green electricity feeds enabling the campus to scale up to a 1000 MW.

Peder Nærbø is founder of Bulk Infrastructure AS

- We welcome Telenor Maritime to our growing data center campus in Norway and we are happy to see that companies from the region see our Colocation offering as attractive. This is the first commercial hyper scalable datacenter in Norway says Founder and Chairman Peder Nærbø in Bulk Infrastructure.

N01 Campus now offers 3 products; extreme scalability, Colocation and Carrier Hotels. All in all, a very good mix for all kinds of businesses.

- The Nordic region is optimally geographically positioned. Here, we have short distances to key European markets, an abundant renewable hydropower supply and the lowest electricity prices in Europe. In addition, the Nordics has one of the World´s highest levels of redundancy and resilience in the power grid. I believe all these things together, topped with political stability and low and stabile temperatures are reasons why the Nordics is now chosen as a sustainable power hub, says Nærbø.

About Telenor Maritime

Telenor Maritime is the leading global communications operator at sea, being in the forefront developing and defining secure standards for the maritime business since 2004. We provide solutions permitting the same quality of experience at sea as on land, increasing our partner's profitability through operational excellence. Worldwide we are serving more than 100 ship owners with 25 million passengers and crew, on board more than 400 cruise and ferry vessels. For the offshore oil industry, we operate VSAT, 4G modem and 4G base-station installations on 22 oil platforms, 25 rigs and FSOs, and 75 supply ships. With headquarters and R&D in Arendal, Norway, Telenor Maritime also has local offices in the US and Asia to meet global needs directly and through a network of partners.

About Bulk Infrastructure AS

Bulk Infrastructure is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. Bulk is a privately-owned industrial investor, developer and operator of industrial real estate, data centers and dark fiber networks. Bulk believes in the value creation opportunity of enabling the digital society to be fully sustainable. Its ambition is to be the go-to provider for anyone that wants to leverage the Nordics for data processing requirements of the future, whether in Denmark, Sweden or Norway.

Bulk’s track record of delivering high quality and cost-effective customer solutions with short “time to market” has made Bulk ranked #1 in the Nordics as a regional industrial real estate developer. Hence Bulk’s vision: Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.


Lars Erik Lunøe
CEO Telenor Maritime
Phone: +47 909 73 006, e-mail:

Peder Nærbø
Founder and chairman at Bulk Infrastructure AS.
Phone: + 47 478 07 000, e-mail: