Feeling grateful - our CEO Jon Gravråk reflects on a fantastic 2021 and shares his vision for 2022.

Dear friends of Bulk,

2021 is a special year. On one hand we celebrated great achievements and milestones on our journey, we've had the opportunity to work with new and amazing customers and we strengthened our team in a significant way. On the other hand, we have seen new waves of Covid and related challenges to health, personal well-being, business operating models and global supply chains.

Win the customer every single day - this is our strategic objective, it is our mindset, and it is our culture. It means we serve our customers with respect, creativity and passion 365 days of the year and it means to fight with blood, sweat and tears to earn the opportunity to serve existing and new customers next year.

In 2021 we served more customers and signed up more new customer business than ever before, local and international. We are grateful for the trust you have shown us and we are excited about the work ahead of us.

At Bulk, we are on a race to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience. Think big but act faster.

Building Havsil, a new diverse fiber route between our data centers in Norway and Denmark to enable renewable energy for data processing, is part of this race. Establishing roof-top solar panels and BREEAM NOR certifications as a standard part of the Bulk module in our industrial real estate business is part of this race. Making a fact-based CO2 emission baseline to create transparency on our climate footprint and commit to the Paris agreement climate change goals is part of this race.

I am confident that our action-oriented approach to creating a big sustainability impact has helped us not only keep key employees, but indeed expand our amazing team of Bulkies. We have celebrated almost 20 new recruits in 2021 including pivotal roles in top management, International sales, customer service, design & build and QHSE to mention a few. Our 2021 recruiting also reflects our geographic expansion with new feet on the ground in Germany to drive data center sales and in Copenhagen to follow up initial projects and establish our Industrial Real Estate business in Denmark. We are fortunate to attract top talent from diverse backgrounds, but with a common profound urge to drive change combined with a modest and collaborative style.

2022 will be exciting. We will build new data center capacities, we will build more real estate than ever before, we will operationalize new fiber routes, we will seek new partnerships with amazing companies, we will fight hard to win the most demanding customers, we will be creative to solve our customers’ problems, we will explore creative ways to re-use excess heat, we will invest in more power and more land, we will continue to consider the Nordics as our home market and the world as our customers and we will continue to attract great people to join us.

In short, we will do what it takes to create:

  • A real impact on sustainability
  • A real impact on our business
  • A real impact by continuing to build a unique company

I want to thank our customers, our partners and our people for exciting and high impact collaborations in 2021. Thanks for inspiring us, thanks for challenging us and thanks for supporting us.

Best wishes for the Holiday Season!