Bulk Infrastructure and COVID-19

Please read Bulk Infrastructures' second COVID-19 Update.

Bulk Infrastructure is as committed to caring for our people and customers as we are to racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience. Just as we care for the health and wellbeing of our planet, we also care for the people with whom we share this amazing planet.

COVID-19 poses unique and lasting challenges for our team and our customers. The normal meetings and site visits are difficult to implement, and vary with changing travel and social distance restrictions. We understand this and our team members are bringing their considerable experience to bear to meet and exceed expectations and service. We appreciate the flexibility and creativity shown by our excellent network of partners and associates to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes.

All of our data center facilities are up and running, with appropriate screening, distancing, cleaning and other precautions in place to protect our staff as well as any visitors. The Bulk team will continue to follow national and international guidelines and recommendations to keep each other and all of those we do business with safe and confident in our actions and recommendations. We have contact tracing capability at all our sites and have implemented strict controls to ensure safety. We understand that circumstances vary, across Europe and around the world, and we remain committed to working through all challenges to deliver the very best in sustainable infrastructure and sustainable data center solutions.

As all of us look forward to the day when such extreme precautions will no longer be required, we continue to approach complex problems with creativity and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking. We will sustain our passion for solving our customers’ challenges, including those in the face of COVID-19, and we will do so for as long as it takes.

We believe sustainability is a race we cannot afford to lose. We believe the

race to defeat this pandemic must be run in the same way - together with our fellow businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to ensure the future of our resources, our creative power, our planet.

Tor Ribland, Vice President Operations Data Centers