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Fiber Network Systems

Enabling the Nordics with state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure

Bulk is a leading builder and operator of fiber network infrastructure, tailor-made to meet the growing demands of large-scale data and cloud service providers in the Nordics, the US and Europe. We offer some of the shortest, lowest-latency international and intra-Nordic fiber routes available.

Enabling the Nordics through partnerships

All Bulk data centers are situated in a strategic location for scalability, sustainable energy and connectivity. In addition to Bulk’s own networks we have third party networks connecting into all our facilities extending our reach. Together with our partners we are able to present tailor made solutions for low latency connectivity to key markets.

Capable Connectivity Partner

Bulk has more than 20 years of experience as a builder, owner and operator of critical infrastructure services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of subsea and terrestrial fiber, including the most comprehensive dark fiber offering in Norway. We are the partner of choice for any organization with large capacity requirements in the Nordics.

Building networks to connect our Data Centers

Efficiency is a priority for organizations with growing computing and data transport needs. Bulk helps you consolidate and simplify with combined fiber infrastructure and data center solutions. Benefit from robust digital infrastructure, an experienced local partner and flexibility to scale and adapt to changing needs.