Leif Erikson Project

The Leif Erikson subsea system will interconnect the two renewable giants in the world, the Nordics and Atlantic Canada, in order to grow sustainable digital infrastructure driven by an abundance of renewable energy. The system will secure a true diverse route avoiding the route similarities in other trans-Atlantic networks.

New trans-Atlantic subsea system connecting Canada and Norway

The Leif Erikson Cable System will consist of a 4,500 km direct link between southern Norway and Atlantic-Canada connecting into Goose Bay, including extention terrestrially back to Montreal. The Leif Erikson system will be the first trans-Atlantic cable powered with 100% renewable energy in line with Bulk’s vision to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.

Leif Erikson

System Highlights

Approx. 4,500km high-capacity, low latency system between Goose Bay, Canada and southern Norway

Approx. 1,800km new, buried, high fibre count system between Goose Bay and Montreal

Ready for Service 2025- 2026

We offer flexible IRU or long term lease agreements for Dark Fiber and managed or raw spectrum services

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