Services and Development Process

Bulk industrial real estate projects are built on a consistently proven methodology

Collaborative. Timely. Tried and Tested.

When you plan and construct an industrial building with Bulk, your project follows a smooth path to success. We help you identify potential sites, acquire the right permissions, and finance the project efficiently. Our in-house engineers work closely with you to produce a design that meets your unique requirements. And we provide effective leadership of the construction process up to handover and beyond. As your business grows and changes, Bulk can continue to support you to ensure your building fulfils its potential.

Bulk's Approach for Value Creation


We use our experience, industry know-how and passion for innovation to forge new paths towards positive change.

Patient, Risk-Tolerant Investment

We invest in capital-intensive industries and strive to access early stages of the value chain. Being hands-on from an early stage helps make Bulk highly competitive in fluctuating markets. We adapt rapidly to market changes.

Industrial Approach

Our industrial approach to investments prioritizes diversification, scalability and potential to deliver long-term, predictable revenues.

Market Leadership

With in-house expertise, deep research, and full-scale penetration of niches early in the innovation cycle, Bulk has established itself as a Tier 1 player in the logistics property sector.

Active Ownership

Our internal team of experts from various disciplines make Bulk Infrastructure a hands-on partner our clients can trust.

To find out how Bulk can help you solve your Infrastructure, Real Estate or Sustainability challenges please contact us.

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