Powered Land

Your Nordic data center is ready to build on renewable energy-powered land

100% Renewable, 100% Available

Bulk data center campuses are powered by low-cost renewable energy. Strategically located next to massive power capacity with high levels of diversity and resilience, we provide ultimate flexibility. Either with your own stand-alone facility or starting off with colocation and growing in scale overtime, Bulk provides long term sustainable solutions to help you unlock the Nordics for your data needs.

Pre-Approved Land

With Bulk you can accelerate your data center project. We provide access to large-scale data center campuses in Norway and Denmark, which are pre-approved for development. We can help you solve your design and construction challenges by providing engineering expertise and proven modular solutions.

Norway is the largest producer of hydropower in Europe.

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Bulk Infrasturcture designs, builds, and operates sustainable data centers - unlocking the huge benefits of the Nordics.