Watch the webinar: Power Vulnerability

What you need to know about the changing landscape of the European power sector.

From war in Europe to the climate emergency, sustainability and price volatility are challenging everyone to think differently about power.

The urgency of the power supply crisis has placed increasing demand on our energy infrastructure and the need for Governments to intervene.

We assembled four industry leaders for a thought-provoking webinar on this topic. The discussion was hosted by Rob Elder, VP Sales and Marketing, Bulk Data Centers.


Daan Terpstra, CEO, SDIA - Moderator

Daan Terpstra is Executive Chairman of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA). With a background as a political scientist and experience in the energy sector, Daan brings his experience to the transformation of the digital economy, making it future- proof and sustainable. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to the well-being of people and the planet, and Daan is committed to creating a positive future for the next generation.

Anders Eriksrud, Partner, THEMA Consulting

Anders Lund Eriksrud is a power market expert at THEMA Consulting Group, located in Oslo. Anders has long experience in power market analysis. He is heading THEMA’s modelling team, and plays a central role in developing THEMA’s power market outlooks. Furthermore, Anders has contributed to a wide range of projects within the power sector, including power grid studies, scenario analysis, market design studies and analysis of technology development.

Atle Haga, VP, Statkraft Host Norway department

Atle Hage heads the Host Norway team in Europe's leading renewables producer, Statkrat, in a long-term effort to attract new power intensive industries to Norway, currently focusing on Hyperscale data centers. He has +20 years international experience in developing and manage various organisations, concepts, markets and projects with focus on the Nordic energy markets.

Olivier Corradi, CEO, electricityMAP

Olivier is statistician, data scientist and entrepreneur focussed on finding scalable solutions to climate change. He founded electricityMap with the mission to organise the world's electricity data to drive the transition towards a truly decarbonised electricity.