Information Technology has changed the face of financial services

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How can Fintech organisations better prepare for the future?

Fintech companies have long been at the forefront of innovation in financial services and in recent years the sector has undergone an explosion, with AI and machine learning driving innovation.

With this digitalization comes the increased use of high-performance computing (HPC), enabling financial organizations to access information faster, run applications more efficiently, streamline processes and analyse data more quickly.

Paring the right IT technology with scalable, efficient data center infrastructure to store and process huge volumes of data is critical to customer loyalty and satisfaction, future investment and meeting environmental and sustainability targets.

Digitalization also has an impact on the environment – the demands on electricity to process data has significantly increased. Global data consumption is set to more than double, from 64.20 terabytes in 2020 to more than 180 terabytes in 2025 and this increase in data use will have a negative impact on the environment, resulting in an inexorable increase in CO₂ emissions.


  • Reduce cost: As workloads grow quickly, Fintechs are looking to increase capacity and minimize latency, without letting costs spiral out of control.
  • Meeting sustainability goals: Directly aligning business goals to environmental and sustainability initiatives to open up investment capital and meet ESG targets.
  • Scale: Access to a secure power source and land to scale without limits to support growth plans and future proof businesses.
  • Cloud vs colocation: Firms need to make sure they are deploying the appropriate infrastructure to manage high-intensity workloads. It’s important to consider a colocation data centre option as you plan for growth and scale-up.

Why Bulk?

  • Trusted partner: Our in-house engineering and service-delivery teams have decades of experience across construction, design and installation of multi-MW data center infrastructure, as well as critical facilities operations.
  • Location: Bulk Data Centers delivers strategically located Nordic data centers Norway’s energy comes from renewable sources, which means tenants can remain aligned with the increasingly urgent demand for greener data center options.
  • Infrastructure: We help customers achieve long-term benefits by building and operating future-ready, efficient infrastructure.
  • Connectivity: With scalable and dependable capacity, our data centers offer access to carrier-neutral and large-capacity fiber connectivity to the US and Europe, making them the best connected in the Nordics.


  • High density and low latency: Safely run up to 100kW of equipment per rack. Bulk offers air cooling and direct-liquid cooling. You can also directly connect to high-capacity, international fiber networks.
  • Scalability: Scale massively, with capacity for up to 1GW of IT power. In a dedicated building, suite or shared colocation environment.
  • Sustainability: Access to plentiful 100% renewable power, available all year to get you to your environmental and sustainability targets.
  • Lower TCO: Bulk solutions offer energy costs significantly lower than European alternatives. It’s thanks to the Nordics’ cool climate and grid-scale backup power.